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Our micro-hydro powered workshop is located at Earthaven EcoVillage. During the 1990s, founder Paul Caron helped design and build many of the buildings at Earthaven. In the early 2000s, construction of the Village Arts Building began. Current renovations will culminate in the creation of the Village Arts Coop--including ceramics, woodworking and other artisanal trades. An apprenticeship program is available under master craftsman, Paul Caron. 

Paul and Rob have over 75 combined years of building furniture, restoring and refurbishing antiques, and repairing damaged furniture. 

Rob (Menagerie Working)

Rob is a woodworker artisan with experience in construction as part of low-income urban renewal projects in the Detroit area. Rob has built custom furniture for over 25 years, specializing in reclaimed materials and local woods. Working with wood has been a life-long gift that Rob is eager to share as a resident of Earthaven Ecovillage. 

Before making wood-working a full-time career, Rob spent 25 years as a  biodiversity ecologist, author, educator and speaker. 

Paul Caron

Paul started out learning wood working basics in 8th grade shop class. Later as a teenager, he began custom woodworking and re-facing. Paul started a wood shop with a few friends, and later worked his way up to be foreman of a crew of 12 woodworkers. He has specialized in all fields of woodworking, including design and installation of boat and aircraft executive interior.


In 1982, Paul apprenticed with a German master-craftsman and antique restorer. Since then  he has been self-employed, specializing in building custom spiral staircases, custom cabinets and furniture, and antique restoration. Paul has made custom windows, doors, staircases, and built homes and community buildings. Paul is also a poet, philosopher and painter. 

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